In the middle of "Becoming Los Angeles," an exhibit at the Natural History Museum, museum patrons could hear faint drumming in the distance. Some curiously wandered towards the noise and found an instrument show-and-tell of sorts—an "instrument petting zoo." Young children banged on snare drums, excitedly attempted the violin, and moved from table to table, eager to play whatever instrument they could get their hands on.

In another part of the museum, employees walked around to receptive families, showcasing animals' fur pelts and explaining their origin to the kids gathered around them. In the North American Mammal Hall, an exhibit of buffalos served as a breathtaking backdrop for the talented LA MusArt choir, who sang beautifully for the children and parents in their audience. The KUSC Kids Discovery Day, held at the Natural History Museum on April 9, exposed young children to a variety of cultural and musical exhibits. Children and their parents at the event gained a unique educational experience courtesy of KUSC.

In the room with the large dinosaur replica in the main hall of the Natural History Museum, parents whizzed by, enthusiastically showing their children everything the jam-packed day had to offer—coloring, ukulele lessons, live music performances, and the usual beautiful and educational museum exhibits. At the "Age of the Mammals" exhibit, parents lovingly and patiently explained exactly how evolution works, answering rapid-fire questions from their four-year-old children. At the "instrument petting zoo," parents grinned as their children selected their instruments of choice, playing them with contagious excitement; I smiled as I remembered that a similar event inspired me to pick up the trombone in the sixth grade. Children smiled and laughed as they engaged in the different activities the day had to offer, reaping the benefits of their parents'—and KUSC's—desire to give them a unique education in the arts and sciences.

Around lunchtime in the museum's café, busy parents tended to their children's tantrums, encouraging them to get back inside so they could experience everything the Discovery Day had to offer. It was evident that the organizers of the KUSC Kids Discovery Day were passionate about exposing children to the arts and science in a unique and interactive way, and parents brought their children to the event because they wanted them to learn. The dedication, enthusiasm, and love of the parents and  organizers to  educate today's children was obvious. The kids surrounding me in this café are our future, and that was joyously celebrated and represented through the fun series of events throughout the day.

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