USG revised and approved their budget for the 2017-18 school year Tuesday night, which allotted $15,000 to the Volunteer Center. Last week, USG presented a draft budget that cut the Volunteer Center's budget, which is over $73,000.

USG President Austin Dunn says the rest of the programs' budgets will be provided by the university. Historically, USG has financed the Volunteer Center entirely.

The money allocated toward Volunteer Center will fund Friends and Neighbors Day, which puts students in contact with local service organizations. The Volunteer Center also hosts service trips for students, a program called Alternative Break.

Some students are concerned that these programs will no longer be secured with nearly 80 percent of the budget gone. Evan Pyte graduated from USC last year and was heavily involved with the Alternative Break program.

During his time as an undergraduate, Pyte proposed a Uganda trip to the Volunteer Center, the first alternative break that went to Africa. He is concerned about the fate of the program.

Dunn said USG cut funding for the breaks because he believes students who are not able to take advantage of Alternative Breaks trips, which can be cost-prohibitive, should not be required to pay for others to participate.

"Not every student could afford to go on those Alternative Breaks but every student has to pay the student programming fee… [when] they might not even be able to partake," Dunn said. "It should be something that's supported by our administration and our university."

However, because students still pay tuition, and the university will make up the difference, it is likely that student money will still go to the volunteer center.

Dunn also said that it was never the intention of USG to eliminate the Volunteer Center programs outside of Friends and Neighbors Day. He spoke with the Director of Campus Activities, Gabe Valenzuela, to discuss the transition of funds.

"There was kind of a verbal agreement that those programs wouldn't dissolve, even though we did cut the funding quite a bit," Dunn said. "Then we'll spend time throughout the duration of the year figuring out how that's going to affect the funding of the Volunteer Center moving forward."

Valenzuela does not have University's budget details yet, so formalized decisions about funding for the Volunteer Center and Leap have not been made.