USC Academic Senate, which represents faculty at USC, voted in favor of a fall break on Wednesday, according to Undergraduate Student Government President Austin Dunn. The fall break would occur on Monday and Tuesday of the eighth week of fall semester, per the resolution.

This vote marks the first time that the Academic Senate has endorsed USG's fall break resolution. USG passed a fall break resolution in March, and the organization has been pushing the idea for years.

Now that the resolution has passed USG and the Academic Senate, it's up to USC President C. L. Max Nikias and Provost Michael Quick to discuss with Nikias' cabinet whether or not to implement the break.

Nikias and Quick have been "very receptive to the idea," said Edwin Saucedo, USG president emeritus, who met with President Nikias today. Saucedo worked on the resolution during his term in USG and said "it's been a big push for us."

In the past, Nikias was concerned about implementing the break because the resolution hadn't been endorsed by the Academic Senate, according to Saucedo.

It's possible but unlikely that the break would be implemented for fall 2017 since the calendar was approved in January of this year. Saucedo said to expect a decision from the administration within the coming weeks.

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