When we walked out of the morning meeting this past Tuesday, we were very unsure of how we were going to fill our broadcast. As the lead producer, I wanted to include follow up coverage of the shooting at a San Bernardino elementary school that left three dead, including an eight-year-old boy. The most important, and most difficult part of covering this story, was finding a reporter to send all the way to the school, about sixty miles away. My executive producer and I reached out to all of our experienced reporters to see who was available to be our live shot reporter for the broadcast. Once we found Kaylee and Jake, we communicated with them throughout the day, feeding them new information as it came in, and vice versa.

I also spent a lot of time working with Brad, one of our anchors, on a story about Syria. We talked through the story and what were the most important elements to include. We met with my video and graphics teammates, Alexa and Gaby, to talk about how we should build the story. We wanted to include as much video as we could, while also incorporating graphics that would help explain the information clearly. Once I went into the control room at 5p.m., I felt much better about the show compared to how I felt walking out of the morning meeting.