For this week's See it Live show, we chose the "Fashion + Social + Media: Influences in the Age of Instagram" event going on in the Wallis Annenberg Hall lobby as our topic. The event included four interactive exhibits that participants could have fun with. The most difficult aspect of the live-streamed show was figuring out how to cover the event from a news perspective instead of a public relations standpoint. We did not want to advertise for the event. Rather, we decided to cover how people brand themselves on social media while tying in fashion.

We found a diverse array of voices for the show. When finding people for our stories, we reached out to experts in the field, while also interviewing speakers at the event. When reaching out, I did not take into account anyone's specific race or gender. Typically, I do not think about diversity when first starting a story. I believe this is something I can work on, since an audience can notice if a newscast features primarily one gender or race. I think it's very important to include diversity on every level. For our newscast, the most diversity was evident in the experts we included. We talked with social media experts, fashion experts, Instagram experts and even selfie experts. Diversity can take many different forms, and it is important to ensure many voices are heard in every story.