Because USC has approximately 44,000 undergraduate and graduate students, employs 26,000 faculty and staff and is in the center of Los Angeles, parking is hard to come by. The USC Shrine Structure, which opens on Monday, will add 1,300 parking spaces primarily for USC Village requirements.

The USC Shrine Structure will add to the existing 12,000 parking spaces spread across the University Park Campus and the surrounding area. The structure can be used by anyone who has a valid USC parking permit until April 30. Drivers will be able to change their permit assignment before May 1.

The structure is located on Jefferson Boulevard between University Gateway Apartments and the Shrine Auditorium.

"We want people to give it a whirl and see how they like it," said David Donovan, associate director of USC Transportation and project manager for the Shrine structure. "We hope that people will voluntarily switch to it."

Marie Targonski-O'Brien, graduate journalism student, commutes to USC. She parks in Parking Structure One, on the corner of 37th and Flower Street.

"I don't like the spot now because it feels kind of removed," Targonski-O'Brien said and is open to considering the USC Shrine Structure. "I think it's good that they are accommodating students and giving them more parking options."

Donovan said there would not be many differences between the Shrine structure and other parking structures on campus. The structure will have 32 electric vehicle charging stations.

"It's more than we have in any other space," Donovan said. "That's pretty significant."

USC currently has only 24 total charging stations spread throughout campus.

The Shrine structure will also add long-term bike storage for residents. As per an agreement with the Shrine Auditorium, the structure has a built-in loading dock that can accommodate four big rigs.

There will be an opening ceremony sponsored by USC Transportation on Monday from 8:30 to 10 a.m., when the structure opens.

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