For this week, I was the lead producer for team Tuesday. This was my first time as lead on an ATVN day. The best part of our newscast this week was our coverage of the City of Los Angeles elections. We were able to send Tommy, our live reporter, to a polling place and Juliet, our anchor, out early in the morning to do a package on low voter turnout. At the polling place, Tommy was able to get a live interview with a voter. However, the live feed died while he was on air, so we had to move on. While Juliet's package was on air, the live shot came back, and we decided to go back to Tommy live in the field to interview a voter.

This was easily the most stressful moment of the night, as I had to move Tommy's live shot to later in the rundown and fix the script so Juliet could toss to Tommy again. Both the live report and package brought different sides to the story, and offered interesting and personal points of view. I'm thankful for both Tommy and Juliet being able to recover from technical difficulties, apologizing to the audience and handling the situation well off camera.