Many aspiring Hollywood actors take on a side job like bartending or being a food server until they have their big break. However, Chuck McCarthy is not one of those.

McCarthy said he knew he needed to get another job to be able to pay the bills. He started thinking about how he could spend his extra time between auditions while getting outside and getting exercise. Dog walking seemed like it'd be a good fit, except for one problem.

"Basically I didn't want to pick up dog poop," he told Annenberg Media.

Instead, McCarthy decided to take the dog out of the dog walking and walk humans instead.

"I was kind of saying it as a joke at first but every time I said it, I came up with another reason why somebody might want it," he said.

McCarthy said he charges people $7 an hour, so figuring people walk around three miles-per-hour, it's about $21 for an hour-long walk.

Since launching a Facebook page and hanging flyers around his home in Los Feliz, his business exploded. In the nearly eight months of walking people, McCarthy said he's been on at least a hundred walks.

"I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a fitness expert but everything I've read says that walking is great exercise and the benefits of walking can occur from as little as walking 2 miles a week," McCarthy said.

Other than helping his clients stay accountable and safe, he said he's there to provide an ear to listen to them. Most conversations, according to McCarthy, are surface level, but it's the human interaction that's important.

"It's not the big fat guy that broke the camel's back. It's the straw that broke the camel's back. It's because it's the little things that build up that really can get you down," he said. "A lot of the conversations are really just little things. It's a conversation and not a confession or a therapy session."

McCarthy said he's been walking with TV producer Amber Engelmann on a consistent basis for about four months. Engelmann told Annenberg Media she loves McCarthy's service because of the accountability.

Engelmann also said McCarthy's business is bound to keep exploding because humans are reverting to craving human interaction in a world of social media.

"Now people are going back to like I want a human service. I want to connect with a human. I want to pay a human to do something with me," Engelmann said.

McCarthy said his next step with being "The People Walker" is to develop an app to walk people on demand.