A USC study found that those living in high-pollution areas are more likely to have respiratory problems.

"Children growing up in higher pollution areas have slower growing lungs," USC Keck Professor Ed Avol told Annenberg Media today. "Students should be concerned to some extent because your lungs grow until you're in your late teens early 20's."

The state of California recommends developers build more than 500 ft. from freeways, however, according to Avol, there are no laws to enforce the recommendation.

Apartment complexes, like University Gateway, West 27th Place, Icon Plaza and Tuscany Apartments are all located less than 1,000 ft. from a freeway.

Magdalini Vraila, a USC senior living at University Gateway, said she noticed she typically gets sick with a sore throat and runny nose the first week she comes back to Los Angeles. She said she thinks after living in L.A. for so long, she's desensitized to the pollution from traffic.

Avol wants everyone to be mindful about the impact air pollution has on respiratory health.

"It's pretty clear that air pollution has a number of long-term effects," Avol said. "Keep the windows closed. Be thoughtful about this."