Universal Studios Hollywood opens its cinema doors to guests with upgrades. The newly renovated theater in CityWalk offers guests a luxurious welcome through its front doors and comfortable lounge seats inside the cinema rooms.

The movie room seats use a power recliner. Rather than using a lever to pop your legs up, smoothly recline to your liking to enjoy your film. The new Dolby surround sound emerges audiences in their selected films, perfect for thrillers, horrors, actions and more.

The lobby presents lounging areas for guests waiting for a movie or admiring the movie set decors from Universal films. The new Marketplace concession area offers the usual go-to movie snacks and options from smoothies, coffees, and others, just like a convenience store. For those seeking to pass time in a more adult fashion, the Director's Lounge allows guests to enjoy pre-and-post-movie alcoholic beverages.

Students can purchase discounted tickets after 4 p.m. at Universal's AMC 19 Theatre.

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