For the fourth week of broadcasts, I worked as the lead producer on Thursday's show See It Live, Annenberg Media's breaking news show that focuses on one topic per broadcast. I was in charge of building the rundown, while working with my video/graphics teammate, Aaron. For this week, I worked with my executive producer, Abby Flaxer, to decide what the topic of the week was going to be. After watching Snap Inc. open seven dollars higher than its IPO, we chose the emerging social media giant as our focus. Since we have our producing class on Thursdays, we pause from producing after the morning meeting, resuming 3-and-a-half hours later at 12:30pm.

When I return, it is highly important I communicate with Abby to catch up on anything I missed and to begin planning the day. After meeting, we put all of our potential elements on the whiteboard, and began assigning them. I made sure to tell our anchors Marc and Madison what stories they should begin researching immediately. I also reached out to other reporters in the media center, asking Jake Ingrassia and Drew Schwendiman to go into depth on specific angles. While I may have started by telling everyone what they should be working on, my communication faded as we got closer to 6pm, when the show went live. At 5pm, I move from my seat at the halo, the heartbeat of the media center, to the control room, where I must help with run-throughs of the show. I communicated well with the directors to tell them what elements we were using and what specific monitors and camera movements were needed. However, my communication fell apart with our anchors. I did not go through the rundown with Marc and Madison, which made them confused about where they were reading their stories. Going forward, I need to be more transparent with my ideas to ensure that the show can be all that I envision.