This year, Best Actress is truly an exciting category, with a list of talented and diversified performances. Despite the fact that Emma Stone is an obvious frontrunner who adds heart and sincerity to beloved "La La Land," there still may be surprising turns during Oscars night.

With an engrossing performance of aggrieved Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman might have a slight chance to beat Stone. However, Portman has already achieved a silver-screen prestige six years ago for her leading role in "Black Swan." Keeping in mind she has compelling contenders this year, there's a challenge to outpace not only their acting, but appeal and social message, driven by these performances.

The same issue is actual for Isabelle Huppert who may get honored with an award for high-profiled and courageous acting in "Elle." Again, the reach of her character and takeaway from the performance don't play to such a broad variety of audiences as Stone's aspiring role does.

Ruth Negga of "Loving" is charming, but fails to reach the same awareness and industry recognition prior to the Award Ceremony, as Emma Stone manages to get with her "La La Land" sing-and-dance dramatic show.

Meryl Streep has already had her best times with the Oscars, being nominated 15 times in the Best Actress category, with two wins and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in "Kramer vs. Kramer." With a comedic performance in the 2016 dramedy "Florence Foster Jenkins," comes Streep's 20th Oscar nomination. This move is slightly less compelling than her 2014 nomination for "August: Osage County," when she was eventually outpaced by Cate Blanchett. Honored by the Globes' Lifetime Achievement Award, Streep isn't probably going to win this year, as it's hard to compete with Stone's novelty and liveliness in her character's Audition "The Fools Who Dream" song in "La La Land."

The nominees:

Emma Stone — “La La Land”

Natalie Portman — “Jackie”

Isabelle Huppert — “Elle”

Ruth Negga — “Loving”

Meryl Streep — “Florence Foster Jenkins”

Who should win: Emma Stone — “La La Land”

Who will win: Emma Stone — “La La Land”

The Academy Awards air Sunday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

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