For week three of broadcasts, I was the video teammate on team Tuesday. As the lead producer, Alexa, began building the rundown selecting local, national and global stories. As video producer, one of my roles consists of combing through CNN Newsource, a service that provides current video of the day's biggest stories. One of our bigger stories of the day involved the Supreme Court hearing a case involving a border patrol agent who shot and killed a Mexican teen across the border in 2010. Since this is a controversial story with multiple sides, I selected sound from the attorneys of both the U.S. Border Patrol agent and the teen's parents. The two sound bites were bridged with a video of the scene of the incident while our anchor provided more information on the case. The story presented both sides of the issue.

We chose to lead the newscast with Magic Johnson being named the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, which in hindsight, does not make very much sense. Editorially speaking, I felt as if we could have led with a hard news story, instead of sports. When covering the announcement, we grabbed sound bites from Johnson himself and man-on-the-street interviews with Lakers fans at LA Live and on campus. In addition to this, we presented a graphic showing some of Johnson's other ventures. We completed the story with a live guest interview. Our sports correspondent Terrance interviewed Professor Miki Turner, who gave an 'expert' opinion on what the move means for the future of the Lakers. In order to complete the story, we could have tried to find any Lakers fans or basketball experts who thought the decision was a poor move.

I believe we could have led the newscast with President Trump's comments on anti-semitism and the vandalism at a historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis. As video producer, I had to choose what to use as video for the story. At first, I used Trump walking from his briefing. What I learned is that the video of the vandalism was a much better visual for the story. Going forward, I want to make sure I constantly check CNN Newsource to make sure I have all of the available video at my disposal.