I am one of the producers in the class who rotate between Tuesday's regular ATVN broadcast and Thursday's breaking news show, See It Live. The latter focuses on one topic per broadcast, incorporating different elements to the story. Since I was producing for See It Live, my package pitches were not entirely tailored to the theme that we chose for the show, #DayWithoutImmigrants. I did pitch two stories that were continued throughout the day on other platforms. One was the groundbreaking for the rain gardens in the University Park neighborhood, which I thought was a great story since it related to both students and the rest of the local neighborhood. I pitched it in the morning meeting, and Tommy, one of our 402 reporters, was able to see it through and package the story. Next week, it will be easier to see my packages on the show when I produce on Tuesday.

I also want to work more with my Executive Producer Abby to see what can be done the night before to help find a topic for See It Live. When realized our topic was going to be # DayWithoutImmigrants, I began to search for possible story angles at around 12:30p, about five-and-a-half hours before the broadcast. I wanted to look at student groups' reaction on campus, and reached out to El Centro Chicano, a Hispanic student group, to tie the story back to USC. Meanwhile, our reporter Lauren Day and anchors Marc Sallinger and Madison Weil packaged their own stories for the broadcast, contributing to diverse coverage that featured several different aspects of the story, from social media reaction to a protest in Boyle Heights.