In the past, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) plan to spend Valentine's Day together. Rebecca is going on a singing tour, which Jack considers to be a bad idea, hesitating to tell her directly. The couple also faces the issue of dealing with 16-year-old Kevin's (Logan Shroyer) sexual life and Randall's (Niles Fitch) self-pressuring. Jack's jealousy leads him to being suspicious about Rebecca's relationship with her stage partner who appears to be her ex. They have a fight, and Jack spends this Valentine's evening alone.

In the present, Kate (Chrissy Metz) can't resist her temptation and comes to Duke's (Adam Bartley) cabin at night, to explain in detail about why she won't spend time with him. She's kicked out of camp, as Duke's parents own the place. Although Toby (Chris Sullivan) is happy Kate didn't fall for Duke, he realizes that the prospect of marriage isn't so bright as they barely know each other. They take time to catch up, bringing up a lot of very personal and hot topics. While Kate isn't ready to reveal everything, Toby decides to postpone the wedding until she's comfortable with sharing her deepest concerns.

Kevin has nightmares before his opening night. The good news is that his ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), the love of his life, officially agrees they're "cautiously" dating each other. Kevin is afraid of failure at his first public performance, unexpectedly finding support in conversation with Miguel whom he resents for hooking up with Rebecca after Jack's death. Kevin won't be on stage on time, because he has another place to be – he needs to save his brother, even if it means leaving Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) alone for the premiere.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is on the verge of a mental breakdown, with competition at works and his father, William's (Ron Cephas Jones), death. To make things worse, Randall's wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) should go to D.C to visit her mother who broke a hip. Randall handles all issues with perseverance, although he's ready to blow up. He almost fails at an important meeting at work, though saved by his rather competitive colleague. Later, the viewers see Randall struggling with overwhelming emotions, and he isn't alone, as Kevin will come to support his brother in the midst of hard times.

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