How did the new show's finale arrive so soon? Spencer (James Cromwell) has serious health issues, which makes Lenny (Jude Law) devastated with the possibility to lose his lifetime mentor. When the cardinal asks Lenny for the last miracle before he is dead, the pope recalls his momentous visit to a dying mother of his friend. Spencer's reply gives Lenny hope that he can still find his own mother.

In New York, Gutierrez (Javier Cámara) comes to grips with archbishop Kurtwell (Guy Boyd) who is being accused of long-time sexual abuse. Struggling to collect charges against Kurtwell, Gutierrez drowns his desperation in alcohol. However, he is determined to accomplish his mission. Eventually, a stranger in an orange wig, David (Troy Ruptash), gives Gutierrez a besotted evidence of Kurtwell's sexual misconduct.

The archbishop calls Lenny, threatening to reveal his secrets to people in Rome. However, the pope encourages Kurtwell to proceed with his arrival at Rome where he will undergo a trial, pointing out he isn't afraid of any information placed against him. Indeed, the secret information proves to be valueless, indicating only the pope's decency and commitment to God.

Gutierrez has changed since his trip to New York, getting ready to reveal his secret to the pope. Lenny makes Gutierrez his personal secretary, as Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) has completed her "mission." Lenny is ready to be more flexible in his policy, accepting Gutierrez's homosexuality. Reuniting with Lenny, Gutierrez witnesses the pope's subtle handling of Kurtwell's trial.

Sister Mary will continue serving God, while channelling her energy to children, as Lenny sends her to take Sister Antonia's (Milvia Marigliano) position in Africa. She encourages Lenny to start his real search for God and parents, as all this time he's been hiding.

As Sister Mary takes off to Africa, Voiello (Silvio Orlando) feels himself left without love (yes, they could have been a lovely couple). He reveals his feelings to disabled child, keeping the only secret that he will take to his grave: the fate of Tonino Pettola (Franco Pinelli).

Sofia (Cécile De France) visits the pope to remind Lenny about his promise to be a guide for children at the Vatican museum, which Lenny would prefer to avoid. Although he scares children with an aggressive humor, their presence in the papal place makes him nostalgic.

Although Lenny takes the offer to spend Christmas in Guatemala, he later redirects to Venice, inspired by the idea to find his parents who might have been scared by his rigid policy. His first public speech blurs the barriers between different genders, beliefs and personalities, because everyone is able to perceive the smile of God. Although he faces indifference from some people (and supposedly there're his parents among others), Lenny stays strong, keeping his faith and endurance.

"The Young Pope" airs on HBO, Sundays and Mondays at 9 p.m.

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