"John Wick: Chapter 2" picks up where the first film left off, with John (Keanu Reeves) still angry about the death of his dog. He's focused on getting his stolen 1969 Mustang back, and yes, he still shoots people.

But if you forgot what happened in the first movie, don't worry, the opening scene tells you everything you need to know in a brief recap that's comical, yet action-packed. In the opening scene of this new chapter though, Wick's weapons of choice are a car and some martial arts.

"Chapter 2" doesn't disappoint. This is what a sequel should be about, telling you the continued story of hitman, John Wick, taking you to a new destination and bringing back some familiar faces. The film's great punch lines, cameos and story line just keeps your heart pulsing in suspense until the end.

John Wick is still the fabulously stylish hitman who doesn't seize the opportunity to enjoy retirement. Just when he thought he was out, he's pulled back into the dark underworld of assassins. His oath and pledge, known as a "marker" give him no choice but to complete one more mission, something he unwillingly wants to do, but because of the creed he must.

Cue a new destination: Rome, Italy, at an international Continental Hotel, known as neutral grounds for all assassins, mysterious catacombs, gold coins, stylish bullet proof suits, impeccable style and precise martial arts and knife fights. Keanu as John Wick, shooting assassins in daylight without civilians even realizing, makes it all look like a piece of cake.

Perhaps the funniest scene was Common and Keanu's characters trying to kill one another at different times of the day without people realizing. A great aspect of the film was a blast from the past. We see Laurence Fishburne interact with Keanu in such a different setting. The only thing this film is guilty of, is not having enough action scenes with Ruby Rose.

If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves, the first "John Wick" or even just action movies with a great plot, then this is the film for you. Oh, and John Wick has an awesome new sidekick.

Watch the trailer below:

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