Was anybody else completely caught off guard with Season 3's latest episode of "Jane the Virgin"? Writers, just give us a swift kick to the face, why don't you? Besides all the crazy drama between the other characters, let's take a trip through the episode and discuss how, SPOILER ALERT: Michael's death was absolutely not okay, and where the show is headed next.

Adorable Halloween flashback

Right from the beginning of the show, we start off with an adorable flashback of Michael on Halloween dressed as a cop, which is the job he has before being detective. They're the jobs that end up getting him shot at the end of last season, and ends up killing him at the end of this episode. I see what you did there writers, that was cruel guys, really cruel.

Jane shows Matteo old pictures of her and Michael

Ah yes, the adorable scene of Jane and Matteo looking through old photos of Jane and Michael. She tells little Matteo about the memories of her and Michael when they went to the carnival together for the first time. Why all these sudden Michael memories in this episode?! Something. Is. Up.

Jane might be pregnant

Oh, we have nothing to worry about. Jane thinks she might be pregnant so they definitely won't have anything happen to Michael now, right? RIGHT? Also his reaction to the news was super cute.

Jane is not pregnant

OH GOD. She's not pregnant. Run, Michael run! Something's going to happen to you, I know it!

Carnival sweetness

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute these carnival scenes are? Michael and Jane return to their date spot from four years ago and relived those cute moments. The relaxed and romantic scenes from the present faded into the awkwardly adorable moments from their past date. The compatibility machine, the photo booth, the ferris wheel…swoon. Past Michael's nerves about his feelings toward Jane were contrasted with his present day nerves for his upcoming LSAT as they spun around on the classically romantic Ferris wheel. At the top of the wheel, Jane brings up talk about having a baby again and says, "I just wanna stay up here with you. I don't wanna go back down." Yes, stay right there Michael. STAY. Because we all know what's coming.

The beginning of the end

Jane says goodbye to Michael before he leaves for his test. He isn't feeling well and he claims it's just nerves. Just nerves? Keep an eye on that Michael. Jane gives him this adorable metal lunch box packed with snacks that he had as a kid which instantly makes him feel better. Can we say relationship goals?! Before he turns to leave Jane says, "Michael! I'm so proud of you." It pauses and our favorite narrator goes, "And friends, it should be noted that Jane would play this moment over and over, until it became a memory." HOLD UP. If this isn't some insane foreshadowing, I don't know what is. All I know is I was shouting at my TV, "Michael, don't you dare walk out that door!"

Finally, well, you know what happens. Everything seems to be going fine and working out for all the characters, until we cut back to Michael leaving his exam. He doesn't look too well at all and suddenly he collapses to the ground. We find out later it was due to complications from his previous gunshot wound. Let's not go into detail about this, it's still too painful.

Then, we get no time to mourn because suddenly we're thrown three years into the future. Jane is sporting a different hairstyle, Matteo is around five years old and they're going to someone's wedding. They just messed with too many emotions at once and fans are not having it.

Naturally, answers were sought out. Check out EW's interview with the showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, who answers some of our burning questions. She discusses how they will be proceeding three years in advance, but will cut back frequently to show how Jane has coped. Since this show is meant to be lighthearted and comical, she didn't want to spend too much time focusing on something so serious and heavy.

So where do we think this is going? What about Michael's cat? Just kidding, that's not super important. Just trying to lighten the mood here. Anyway, the Villanueva family is full of strong women and will get through this together. Will Jane find another love interest? Hopefully this doesn't make room for Raphael and Jane to get back together. That ship has sailed. Actually, that ship should've never docked. Team Michael all the way, may he rest in peace.

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