The suicide of a rejected, would-have-been priest created negative publicity around the church. This triggers Voiello (Silvio Orlando) to step into an old battle with Lenny (Jude Law) by blackmail.

Sister Mary struggles with the rumors about the pope's crisis of faith, while Lenny's mind is busy with his parents trying to reconnect with him. Dreaming about his family reunion, Lenny loses control over the church, letting Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) deal with Voiello. She encourages Voiello to take immediate actions influencing Lenny's policy, as Lenny is distracted. She admits her deception, regarding it as an inevitable reaction to the destruction of her beloved Lenny and the Holy Roman Church.

Voiello accepts the challenge, as he discusses his plan to take down Lenny with other cardinals. They're all concerned with the church's marginal state, with people no longer engaged in God's existence. Despising Lenny's bet on mysterious positioning of the Vatican, they're ready to unite, with Spencer envisioning himself as a new pope.

When the pope sees his supposed parents coming with an official visit, a quick interrogation and sensory perception make him reject them. He tries to find out who sent the actors to his home, as his confessor, Don Tommaso (Marcello Romolo), won't tell him anything. The same goes for Voiello, who thinks Lenny is a murderer. Although Lenny reaches the point of absolute desperateness, Sister Mary convinces him not to give up.

Dussolier (Scott Shepherd) feels himself lost and lonely, judging Lenny for being pitiless and ignorant to others' lives. He wants to live the church and go back to Honduras. However, it isn't the best destination for him, as a powerful narco who makes Dussolier pay for sleeping with his wife. Dussolier is dead, and Lenny prays for his old friend's peaceful rest, diving at the bottom of a swimming pool at his summer residence.

Lenny's beloved writer comes to his residence as well, and they're having a witty and enlightening conversation about women and sex. While the Cardinal Spencer continues to diminish Lenny's legacy, expressing his opinion directly to the pope. He pressures Lenny, reminding him about his doubts and fears encouraging Lenny to take another path. Spencer insists Lenny should bury the two empty coffins in Venice, which are supposedly for his parents.

Sofia (Cécile De France) visits the pope on his vacation, upon Lenny's request. Understanding he's aggrieved at the loss of the closest friend, she suggests travelling to Africa may be both a healing trip and a good public gesture for Lenny. He takes the suggestion, going to Africa on the 30th anniversary of Sister Antonia's (Milvia Marigliano) first "Village of Goodness." The pope finds out that Sister Antonia is far from being saint, as he gets a letter with dismaying evidence of her bullying locals and blackmailing them with access to water. "Heal yourself, Sister Antonia. Halitosis is a deformation of the soul," Lenny says, exposing her in front of other priests. Later the pope gives his most powerful and touching speech, addressing the world's greatest concern, war, from the speaker. He hides his appearance, but his words penetrate each soul capable of hearing him.

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