USC Undergraduate Student Government announced this year's candidates for president and vice president on Thursday night, officially kicking off USC student government's campaign season.

Austin Dunn and Morgan Monahan,Daniel Million and Timothy Vorhoff and Rachel Udabe and Rebecca Harbeck were able to begin campaigning online Thursday and may begin their physical campaigns Monday, in accordance with USG elections rules.

USC Annenberg Media will host a live Town Hall debate with all three of the USG tickets on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. Submit your questions for the candidates here.

Austin Dunn and Morgan Monahan


  • Sexual Assault Prevention; Bystander intervention training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Parking Structure Mirrors
  • Improve DPS transparency & response time of Incident Reports


  • Undergraduate Student-LA Metro partnership
  • Spring admit orientation improvement; Lyon Center access
  • Transfer Student Orientation
  • First Generation Orientation Programs
  • Commuter lounge
  • Greek-University Relationship Statement; speedbumps on the row
  • Lyon Center Renovation
  • Proposition of Wellness Center
  • Ice machines in Residential Halls


  • Course review database
  • Syllabus bank
  • Fall Break/Student Engagement Week
  • Free printing
  • Library hour extension during Finals
  • Tuition transparency / Affordability
  • Free blue books
  • Grievance Excuse


  • USG Cultural Assembly Liaisons
  • Accountability for Diversity Liaisons and Deans
  • Campus accessibility
  • Feminine Hygiene products in Restrooms
  • [FLI] Center for First Generation/Low income students
  • Increase funding for club sports


  • Increase storage space for all student orgs
  • USC Universal Calendar
  • Increased funding for student orgs
  • Solar panels
  • Greater budget transparency
  • Weekly luncheons with the President and Vice President
  • Reduce Styrofoam use on campus
  • Greater use of composting and recycling bins around campus

Daniel Million and Timothy Vorhoff

1. Involvement Funding Branch:

We would like to add a branch on to the Undergraduate Student Government geared towards giving students the opportunity to pursue their passions such clubs or other organizations that they may not be able to afford.

2. Free printing cards for students:

Printing is a huge necessity for all students and most students do not have the resources to afford printing dozens of assignment or there own printer so providing all students with print cards each semester would be a great resource.

3. Weekly Campus Food Trucks for Students

Many students do not have meal plans and most students struggle with being able to afford fresh meals. We must do our part to make sure every student has the fuel they need to power through their busy schedule. This why we must provide students with more opportunities to access to fresh food.

4. Cultural Sensitivity Training:

In addition to programs that address Alcohol consumption and Sexual Assault Prevention programs we need to address issues that are geared towards social justice and inclusion. We all need to be aware and considerate of different groups of students on campus and unite ourselves as one Trojan Family.

5. Extending the hours of Free Uber:

Many students struggle with getting to places within the 2-mile radius during the day, because most students are not from Los Angeles and do not have a form of transportation. Many places such a libraries, post offices, clinics, and etc. close before 7pm each day so students must rely on other means of transportation, which can be taxing and often stressful for their financial situations. So extending the hours of Uber will help students get to where they need to go during the day.

6. Improving Disability Services:

Receiving Disability accommodations can often take up to a month for students and many of these accommodations only assist students with their academics. Most students with a disability are more then academic scholars, but active leaders that may feel restricted to pursue their passions because of their health issues. We are proposing Disability services gives accommodations for students that would like to get involved and may need assistance.

7. Trojan Involvement App:

A lot of students have the passion to get involved and make a difference on our campus, but have no idea where to start. Club fair and checking the club directory online are great tools, but what if we could have internship opportunities, club meetings, volunteer openings on an easy to use app. We think that would assist each student find something that fuels their passions even further and will make it easier for them to get involved.

8. Sexual Assault Prevention training:

Although our university has taken the pact to end Sexual Assault on campus, we need a better way of educating and training our students on how to ensure that sexual assault does not take place.

9. Meal Plan and Housing Scholarships

Our universities student necessities such as food and housing are very expensive. Student meal plans and housing are a financial burden for most students, so providing scholarship to students would be a huge relief.

10.Wellness and Mental Health Initiatives Improvement:

One problem that every student on our campus faces is stress, whether it is due to school or work, we all share the fact that we are stressed about our futures. We need to provide students with more opportunities to reduce stress through having more massages on campus, more therapy dogs, and open spaces for students to discuss the issues they face.

11. Fall Break & Extending Thanksgiving Break to a full week:

Most universities have implemented either a fall break or a full week of thanksgiving break. A Fall break will provide a stress reliever for students after their first round of midterms and having a longer thanksgivings break will allow students a better opportunity to travel home to see their family.

12. Homeless food initiative:

So much of our food on campus gets thrown away without being eaten in our cafeterias. Instead of disposing of this food, we should give this food to the huge homeless population that encompasses Los Angeles.

13. More spaces for minorities students:

There needs to be more spaces for minority students on campus so we would like to discuss with administration how we can get better facilities for minority students.

14. Improve Spring Admit and transfer student programs:

Most spring admits and transfer students have a difficult time accumulating with the USC community so we would like to improve the orientation program for those students. As well as providing them with a USC student mentor of the same major that will guide them through their first semester.

15. Better Recycling and composting program:

We need to do a better job recycling and composting our waste on campus. We would like to have trash bins that also allow us to compost our waste to help save the environment.

16. Students vote on USG rules and regulations:

The purpose of our campaign is to promote not only being the voice for students when discussing campus wide problems with administration, but also giving students the voice to impact decisions that are being made on our campus. With a referendum being passed through Senate this past fall, we feel as though students should get the opportunity to vote on how their Undergraduate Student Government operates.

17. Cafeteria Lunch Box initiative:

We would to implement giving students with meal plans with the opportunity to take meals to go. Most times students are busy with class work or other responsibilities so they may too busy to sit and grab a meal at the cafeteria so allowing them to take meals to go would definitely be helpful.

18. 0% Interest Emergency student loans:

Providing students with loans when emergency circumstances occur would be a huge relief for students. We would like to also speak to administration about lowering the current loan interest rate to assist more students.

19. Menstrual Products in campus bathrooms:

We need to have menstrual products and feminine hygiene products in campus restrooms. We have all of these resources in the student health center, but during the school day between classes and other responsibilities students do not have time to walk over to the health center so we can start by making them more accessible for students by having them in the bathroom.

20. Community and bystander sexual assault prevention training:

We not only have to teach students how to prevent sexual assault, but to teach students witnessing sexual assault what to do to help put a stop to this growing problem.

21. High school leadership and mentorship program:

Most students in the South central community that encompasses USC grow up right next to our university and do not end up getting the opportunity to come to our school. Many organizations aid students with their academic growth, but we must also do our part to assist in student's in their leadership development as well.

Rachel Udabe and Rebecca Harbeck

  • Improve the online platform for USC students to know about campus resources and events
  • Start a mentorship program between current students and international students, transfer students, and spring admits
  • Increase transparency between administration and the student body through clear and consistent information transfers
  • Ensure more collaboration between student organizations and USG
  • Allow USG members to be more accessible to students through constant, visible office hours
  • Extend Engemann Health Student hours, especially on the weekend
  • Continue to increase mental health awareness and resources
  • Work with the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention office to create a more comprehensive sexual assault prevention program
  • Extend library hours across campus
  • Increase accessibility to classrooms in terms of scheduling/availability for student organizations and group projects
  • 24-hour snack options at on-campus dining halls
  • Improve the ease of the printing process in campus libraries
  • Expand the native plant program on campus
  • Determine the feasibility of putting solar panels on buildings and create a greener campus

The voting period will run from Feb. 7 to Feb. 9 and the official results will be announced at the USG Senate meeting on Feb. 21.

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