"United to resist!" demonstrators chanted in English. French counterparts echoed back: "Toutes unies pour résister!"

Protesters were expressing their discontent with the election of Donald Trump, and closer to home, the rising popularity of far-right political leaders like Marine Le Pen.

"The current political climate concerns me," said Elizabeth Kamir, an American who's lived in Paris for five years. "I'm worried that the hatred will take over and somehow normalize."

Kamir protested with four other American friends. There was a noticeable American presence at the march, some of whom were expats living and working in France.

"There is a reason that I've lived in France for eight years but have not applied for citizenship," said Jessica Pierce, another protester who came to Paris from Northern California. "I'm a proud American, simple as that."

Women's March in Paris

Pierce relocated to France five months before former President Barack Obama took office. She said she felt excited and inspired. But after Trump won on election night, she didn't know what to feel.

"The divisive, nationalist message of the incoming president doesn't give me any hope," she said."I tried to reason to myself on election night: I know there is a lot of suffering in the United States. But how could we elect someone who's so racist, so misogynist, who's the opposite of everything I would want in a president?"

The 34-year-old environmentalist is most concerned about the United States pulling out of the COP21 climate change agreement that was signed in Paris just over a year ago.

Paris police told Le Monde that like a majority of the women's marches around the world, no issues were reported and all operations ran smoothly. They provided traffic blocks along the 1.7 mile route, which started at Place du Trocadéro and ended at the Wall of Peace near École Militaire.

The march was organized by Coordination française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes, a pro-women group that lobbies in the European Union and French parliament. A representative for the group said they will continue to hold events like Saturday's to express their frustration with President Trump and the current political climate.

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