In this pre-inauguration episode of Match Volume we are joined by three accomplished journalists to talk about their careers, Drumpf and the future.

First, we are joined by Wesley Lowery a national correspondent on race and politics for the Washington Post. We spoke to Lowery about covering the protests in Ferguson, issues surrounding race and policing in the US and his views on the trajectory of progress in our country.

Next, we sat down with New York Times Op-Ed Columnist, Professor and novelist Hector Tobar to discuss Prop 58, Obama's legacy and the reaction to the results of the election in Latino and Hispanic communities.

Finally, we talk with Amy Wilentz a contributing editor at The Nation. Her book, "Farewell Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti" discusses Wilentz's experiences on the island. She talks with us about her experience as a foreign journalist and the challenges she faced in writing about Haitian issues as an American.

Host and Producer: Ian Hurley

Contributors: Marie Targonski-O'Brien