Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul went back to school Tuesday, but not to work on a Communications degree. The NBA star visited USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to share his experiences working with the media and creating his CP3 brand while juggling multiple roles in the spotlight. Paul entered the NBA in 2005 from Wake Forest University and made a name for himself on the court from day one, recently becoming just the 10th player to ever record 8,000 career assists. Off the court, Paul is the President of the NBA Players Association, a position he was appointed to in 2013, and has led the union through multiple challenging times in the Association, including renegotiating a collective bargaining agreement and dealing with the Donald Sterling racial matters in 2014.

While fielding questions from Journalism School director Willow Bay and a panel of student journalists, Paul provided direct examples of how he's been able to use leadership abilities learned throughout his life, dating back to being seventh-grade class president, to help him be a successful communicator. As both a player and teammate, he's also looked out for the good of the League in his executive role. The 2x Olympic gold medalist described how his son, Chris Jr., has helped him realize how valuable it is to leave a positive, lasting impression on others by always being authentic and going out of his way to help others.

Paul has led the Clippers to five-straight playoff appearances and will become an unrestricted free agent following the 2017-2018 season.

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