This spring, Musical Theatre Repertory (MTR)—under the direction of Taubert Nadalini and music direction of Sasha Bartol— will be kicking off the student theatre season by bringing Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's musical, "Company," to the stage.

Unfolding through a series of vignettes, "Company" tells the story of Bobby the bachelor on his 35th birthday. Surrounded by his married friends, Bobby looks at the lives and loves of those around him, and is forced to come to some conclusions about where he stands on the idea of marriage.

By showcasing the relationships of five different couples, "Company"

Poster Design: Austin Dalgleish
Poster Design: Austin Dalgleish

highlights the highs and exposes the lows of married life. Freshman Tyler Ellis, who plays Bobby, says that the show "explores the complexity of relationships," and reveals how "every relationship—marriage specifically—has flaws, kinks, and quirks." He adds that Company "makes the statement that relationships are not like fairytales, and one has to accept that before trying to settle down." Songs such as "Sorry-Grateful," uncover the imperfections of relationships, as well as their contradictory, convoluted natures.

In the show, Bobby grapples with his indecision as to whether or not he should settle down, an issue far from the mind of 18-year-old Ellis. "Trying to portray a character that is in a completely different phase in life than I am proves to be a challenge," says Ellis. "Bobby struggles with uncharted territory for me, which is both terrifying and incredibly fun to explore as an actor."

Ellis admits that the show has changed his own perspective on love and marriage. "Perfection doesn't really exist," he observes, "and expecting that out of a relationship is unrealistic."

Say yes to Stephen Sondheim's musical masterpiece, Company, opening January 19th, and you may just learn a thing or two about love yourself.

"Company" will be playing January 19th-22nd in the Massman Theatre. There is a recommended $5 donation at the door. For updates on tickets and shows, visit

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