Congrats! You're in one of the most valuable classes you'll ever take as a journalism student. JOUR 403 will push you in ways you didn't know were possible and you'll also grow a lot in just one semester.

Whether you want to be a producer or in TV news or not, the producing class is great experience. Here is some advice to get you through.


Do it and do it well. You're now one of the leaders of the Media Center and people will look to you for answers of all types. Be sure to communicate with your fellow producers, executive producer and everyone you're assigning tasks to. During the madness of the day, take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands what task they're doing.

Be Creative

As a producer, you get to craft a creative and dynamic rundown. Don't be afraid to think out of the box and try new things every week. I made it a goal for myself to do something new on every show. We have the equipment and technology to do so much, so take advantage of it.

Have Fun

Your days are going to be fast-paced and stressful once 4 p.m. hits, but have fun with it. Connect with your anchors and everyone on staff. Your team will become your second family through the semester. Don't be afraid to lean on others and let others lean on you. Most of all, have fun with what you're doing. Build a show you're proud of. Cover content that USC students want to know about and do it in a way that you'd enjoy seeing yourself. Take pride in what you produce because you'll compare your first and last show of the semester and see how much you've grown.