Half of the battle as a campus news station is covering the type of stories our audience of college students wants to hear. The other half of the battle is how we present the actual story.

The digital videos that we produce are right on par with similar videos that are everywhere on social media. They saturate Facebook and occasionally make their way to Twitter as well. These videos we produce are shareable and well-received. They also get a good amount of views on the Annenberg Media Facebook page.

As a producer, I'd like to integrate more social media into our shows. We can potentially use our Facebook and Twitter accounts to ask people for responses and comments early in the day to later share their opinions in the show. Another way to use social media as a driver on our shows is to cover trending stories in the Los Angeles area. Twitter already generates the list, so all we would have to do is pull a couple tweets from the most interesting topics and build the graphics around them. That would be a great way to still cover what matters in our area and integrate more social media into our shows.

I would love to see comments on the big stories that we cover. Students who follow the Facebook page chime in on occasion, but I don't believe they're given enough opportunities to comment. We could pull the lead stories from the newscast and post them separately on YouTube and the Facebook page to give those opportunities.

Annenberg Media's social media presence is already impressive with over 1,200 followers on Twitter and 41,000 on Facebook, but there's room for growth.