With just one show left in this semester – incredible how it's flown by – our producers have plenty of experience to lean on as we approach our last week of shows. Including "run through week," we've all produced 10 shows now. In those 10 weeks, we've certainly done a great job of identifying who our audience is and creating coverage tailored for them.

However, as up-and-coming journalists in the digital world, it's impossible to ignore the changes in our field. One of the biggest changes has come via social media. As our tech supervisor John Goldsmith noted about a month ago in one of our post-show meetings, journalists and reporters should now tweet out in the field and create their own digital content. Just focusing on our 30-minute nightly shows will not suffice any longer to both stay ahead and relevant.

To take full advantage of our great content, we have to maximize and grow our presence on social media. I believe we have already gotten off to a good start when it comes to Facebook by sharing the digital and JEDI videos we create in the media center. To capitalize on those, I think Annenberg students and staff should work together to promote those even more. We tend to have some great stories that both entertain and teach. However, we could expand our Facebook coverage by incorporating polls or comments to hear students' thoughts about certain issues or stories. See It Live this week was all about USC versus UCLA, and in hindsight we should've conducted polls and/or comments on both Facebook and Twitter in addition to our man on the street interviews.

Speaking of Twitter, I think we've done a great job from time to time of using Twitter, mainly on the monitor, in our broadcasts. But we've yet to really utilize it to reach our audience. For our last week of shows and going forward, I would recommend that the producers think of something they want to ask our community and put it out on the Annenberg Media Twitter and Facebook accounts. By day's end we could have some extra content to put in our shows and maybe even some talking points.

We'd be fools not to think about the best ways to expand our social media coverage and how it can best reach viewers. Social media is growing and in it lies a tremendous opportunity to reach more viewers in more ways than one.