My sophomore year at USC, I went to a guest speaker event in Annenberg. I don't remember who it was or anything else he spoke about, but I do remember one thing. He said that as journalists, we have the privilege of being on the sidelines of history. We get to see and do things and normal citizens don't. That's how I see my role in last night's election.

Regardless of the outcome, I was able to be on the sidelines of history and not only watch as it was being made but also contribute to it. The 6 p.m. ATVN show was a whirlwind. I was reflecting on it this morning and it all seems like a blur.

I don't think I've ever seen the control room as crazy as it was. There were stories we had to float, rearrange and bring back to life as the equipment in the field started working again. I learned how important it is to communicate with my director through the changes. I think those stressful 30 minutes may have given me some gray hairs.

When it comes to our audience, I think we were spot on with serving them. We had both sides represented and shared student reaction from earlier in the day. We showed our audience that their voice mattered in the 2016 election.