Memes about Vice President Joe Biden have taken Twitter and Instagram by storm. These viral pictures and captions pick fun at Biden's "bromance" with President Obama and imagine Biden's thoughts about Trump's election.

The memes infuse a bit of comic relief into a tense post-election atmosphere. With only two months left before Biden and Obama leave the White House for good, here are some of the best memes to remember their time in office:

Some of the most popular memes involve Biden discussing plans to prank Trump when he arrives at the White House.

Obama: Didn’t think he’d be late Biden: I gave him the wrong address Obama: Joe he’s the president-elect Biden: idgaf what they call him — Mr Sam (@Sammart123) November 12, 2016

Others make fun of Obama's and Biden's close friendship, showing photos of the two that look like they are holding hands or sitting in close proximity to one another. The bromance memes play off a photo Biden shared of friendship bracelets that say "Joe" and "Barack" for Obama's birthday.

Other nostalgic Twitter users are even posting photos of young Biden.

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