More than three months after the original move-in date, property management company Stuho is now allowing students to move into their apartments at the new mixed-use complex Element.

Located at the corner of Adams Boulevard and Hoover Street, Element's construction was meant to have finished in time for students to move in when their leases began on Aug. 1, but at that time, the building was just a bare wooden structure missing several exterior walls.

Element in September, about a week before the date lessees were promised they could move in (Lauren Day/USC Annenberg Media)
Element in September, about a week before the date lessees were promised they could move in (Lauren Day/USC Annenberg Media)

In an e-mail sent to tenants on July 14, Stuho said that construction had been delayed and offered a tentative move-in date in mid-September, but it was later pushed back to Oct. 24 and then even later to Nov. 14. Residents were eventually given the option to release their leases if they applied from Sept. 22 to 29, and several accepted Stuho's offer.

"I terminated my lease with Element because management was unprofessional and it was just too complicated to deal with," Celine Carrasco said.

The Element complex is composed of two-story apartments with retail space on a portion of the ground floor. The apartments include in-unit laundry, access to a pool and gym, and central air conditioning.

"It's nice. I mean, all the amenities are pretty much what we expected, at least inside the apartment, so we had a pretty good sense of what the space would look like and it lives up to that," Rick Ley said.

Before moving in Monday, tenants were given 20 percent off their specified rent while being housed temporarily at Da Vinci, an apartment complex near the U.S. Highway 101 and State Route 110 interchange and a sister building to the Lorenzo.

Ley said that due to the Da Vinci's distance from campus, he'd stay at school all day so that he wouldn't have to sacrifice attending social outings. Now that he's finally moved in, he said, "I don't have to choose between going home at rush hour to cook dinner or hanging out with friends. I can just do both."

Ian Riley said that although the experience with Stuho and Element has been stressful, "It feels very cathartic. I'm done living at the Da Vinci. We're here."

Annenberg Media reached out to the building's management, but a representative said they were too busy helping students move in to do an interview today.

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