I think I can say without a doubt that the past 24 hours were the most challenging and rewarding hours in the media center I've ever had. Before getting into how I felt our coverage went on the presidential election, I just want to express my gratitude for everyone who worked so hard to plan out our coverage, for those who helped execute it, and for those who came in and worked on our Wednesday newscast on very few hours of sleep.

I'm still exhausted as I write this, but I write this with a great feeling of satisfaction. It was very unique to be able to help coordinate coverage on the night of the election and then lead produce the next day. I want to touch on both days with what I learned and loved.

Starting with election night, I was so proud of our ability to have nine teams out in the field, several more on campus and still be able to incorporate nearly all of them into our diverse coverage. We covered Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the Senate race, ballot counting, propositions, various student reactions and more. I was pushed more than ever before on Tuesday, coordinating with and organizing all of our reporting teams. Multitasking was essential, and we could not have done it without our great producers, staff, team members, directors, and patient teams in the field. What worked the most was our trust, understanding and communication, which is only possible after weeks of working together.

From a technical standpoint, in terms of what I really liked that we did, I'd have to focus on how we ended our coverage. We were all exhausted, and most of us distraught by the election results, but we stayed professional and calm, and delivered strong content with live shots from Trump and Clinton watch parties. I also loved that we showed both Mike Pence and Trump speak live. Putting all our night's work in line with the winners' speeches was really cool. We got to see the night's coverage come full circle. Even after that, we kept up our coverage and went live to Tommy Trojan for a student protest. That I think best epitomized our excellent coverage and news judgment that catered to our audience. I've never been more proud, tired and satisfied all at the same time than I was when we went off air.

Now, as for our ATVN broadcast on Wednesday, we faced a different beast. With the election behind us, we had to find a way to be informative and push the stories forward. This was a big challenge, yet I think we stepped up and delivered some great content. And that was even with several team members and staff deprived of sleep. I came out of the morning meeting with far too many stories for the rundown and felt heavy all day long. Still, we ended the day right on time and didn't have to move anything during the broadcast. That's a testament to our hard work.

In particular, I loved the fact that we got to speak to young girls in Los Angeles and get their take on the election. That was so unique and powerful.

Overall, between these two nights of coverage and after spending 18 hours in Annenberg, I learned just how much we can accomplish when we trust one another and push ourselves. I felt myself hitting so many mental walls of fatigue, but it was impossible to let up because of our camaraderie. I've really grown much closer to our small family in Annenberg, but even more so after our election coverage.