As millions across the country watched the election results unfold, more than 600 students and others from the USC community chose Wallis Annenberg Hall as their preferred viewing location.

Judging from their cheers throughout the evening, supporters of Hillary Clinton appeared to outnumber Donald Trump fans.

Manrique Villa Gomez, 28, stood out from the crowd in his "Make America Great Again" hat.

"Compare this election to the 1980 election with Carter — the U.S. could no longer advance," Gomez said. "That's how we will be with Hillary."

A swing state voter from Ohio, 21-year-old Tamar Fletcher expressed how important voting for the first female president is for her.

"There is a women's suffrage flag that used to fly and we have totally forgotten about it," Fletcher said. "We learn a lot about a lot of other people … but we don't talk about women's rights."

Just a short walk from Wallis Annenberg Hall, students were casting their ballots in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Rachael Lee, 22, is exercising her right to vote this election, but skipped out in 2012.

"I was just not really aware of the importance of voting, and I didn't make a commitment to go out and vote, as opposed to now I feel like it was my duty to do it," Lee said.

Reach Special Projects Editor Maral Tavitian here. Nicole Piper, Hamdah Salhut and Isabella Shary contributed reporting. Hannah Vicente and Oliver Jung also contributed to this report.