See It Live is an adventure pretty much every single Thursday. I've seen our morning topic change three times this semester and this week was no different. We quickly pivoted from homelessness to covering the presidential election right before our morning meeting. Earlier this semester, I got really flustered when we changed topics. However, I felt very calm this week because we've gotten to the point where we have real trust and outstanding communication.

Communication and trust are even more vital when we have just five and a half hours until we go live. Every minute is valuable and needs to be maximized. The best way to maximize our time is to be very direct and clear when giving instructions to the MJs, reporters and anchors who help bring our show to life. I was especially proud of our teamwork and communication this week. Without it the show would not have worked.

Early on, our producing team identified what work we needed from MJs and what needed to be prioritized. Thinking ahead made the transition easier when they came in for their shifts. It also helped that we now have a certain level of understanding and trust this far into the semester. Giving clear and encouraging directions has truly been imperative in that regard. I also made sure to follow up with them individually to make sure we were all on the same page. By checking in with the other producers that we had given our MJs the same instructions, we ensured that there were no misunderstandings.

In addition to our MJs, we got a great package from one of our reporters on a phone bank for Donald Trump in Los Angeles. We asked the reporter if he would like to be a live guest after we saw how strong his package was. I made an extra effort to let him know how excellent it was. Constantly giving positive feedback throughout run throughs really boosts morale and helps everyone on air have more energy and confidence.

It's crucial to keep the same constant and upbeat feedback for both our anchors and reporters. I take a lot of pride in bringing an upbeat and positive energy to our broadcasts and I think it really makes a difference. I recognize how everyone has a role to play and I believe that creating a fun and supportive atmosphere motivates everyone to give it their all.

Between a live shot at a phone bank for Hillary Clinton and moving our anchors around a lot, I wanted to make sure I stayed calm, clear and positive in everyone's ears. Communication was especially crucial today because when our reporter got to the scene no one was there. Because he got there early enough though, we were prepared to go live whether the phone bank opened or not.

Our run throughs were chaotic, but thanks to specific instructions from the producers and our director, the anchors knew exactly where to be and when. Thursday was one of those days when you couldn't tell how crazy everything was behind the scenes. I loved hearing from our director afterward how smooth and easy to understand the show was, despite so many moving parts. I was incredibly impressed by our speed, quality of work and communication. That led to great transitions into and out of our live shot, and overall my proudest broadcast of the semester. It really shows how far we've come.