The only Donald Trump calling center in Los Angeles County, operating out of a Santa Monica office, made more than 30,000 phone calls targeting swing states and urging voters to go to the polls on Election Day to support Trump.

"I think what you need to ask yourself is, would you rather have someone who says something crude or stupid once in a while or would you rather have someone who is 100 percent corrupt 100 percent of the time?" said one volunteer on the phone to a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Other volunteers at the call center run by Santa Monica Republican Women Federated said their feeling that corruption is rampant in Washington, D.C., is part of what motivates them to support Trump. They touted Trump as the only solution.

"You're thinking of voting for Hillary?" one volunteer asked over the phone. "Well do you know that when you vote for Hillary you're actually going to be having a lot of corruption in Washington?"

The group hosted a viewing party for the final presidential debate on Oct. 19 at their calling center. Volunteers there also said their support remains unwavering, despite Trump's sexually explicit comments in the leaked "Access Hollywood" tape and his multiple alleged sexual assaults.

"I don't think that Trump's comments affect me as a woman," said volunteer Schirete Zick. "I don't feel degraded. They don't lessen the respect I get at work."

Manager Marcella Sutton, on the other hand, said the tapes were too obscene for her to even watch.

"Personally I don't like junk like that," Sutton said. "I don't like foul mouthed people so if I don't need to watch something, I don't."

However, she's still giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Campaign volunteers said the FBI's latest probe into Clinton's emails is energizing volunteers. They'll continue to make calls to swing states as they push all the support they can for Trump before Election Day.

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