Halloween weekend brought some real scares when several instances of criminal activity threatened students' safety near campus, according to the Department of Public Safety crime log.

Alcohol poisoning, theft and sexual assault were among the crimes reported over Halloween weekend.

According to Assistant Chief David Carlisle, DPS was fully staffed and worked in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department on and off campus.

Many USC students said they didn't feel their safety was in jeopardy as long as they were with people they trusted.

"I definitely felt safe, especially since I was there with a friend," said McCall Lanman, a junior studying public relations who attended a party on Menlo Avenue over the weekend.

For Lanman, there's safety in numbers. She suggests that women stick together when they go out.

"Everyone knows alcohol can compromise safety. Bring a buddy," she recommended.

Rico Leung, a senior studying human biology who lives on The Row, said he heard students partying and behaving aggressively late at night outside his house over the weekend. Leung also said he saw students who were visibly intoxicated walking alone, which concerned him.

While theft and burglary rates were about the same as the three previous weekends in October, instances of alcohol abuse were up. According to the DPS crime log, nine students were taken to the hospital for consuming too much alcohol. Five were taken last weekend and one the weekend prior to that.

"One of our biggest concerns is the overconsumption of alcohol," said Carlisle, who added that a very visible presence of law enforcement over the weekend was stopping students who were walking around with open containers.

"The key to having a safe event, whether it's Halloween or any other special occasion, are the choices the students make," Carlisle said. "Make smart choices. Go out together with friends. Have a partner with you. Be careful about how much you drink."

Tessa Nesis, a sophomore majoring in nongovernmental organizations and social change, has advice for students who are going out for Halloween on Monday night: "I always make sure to travel in pairs. When you are going out to a party, make sure to stick with someone that you know, that you can trust. Also, make sure that no one touches your drink because they could easily put something in it."

She also recommends that USC students remember to take advantage of USC's free Uber service after dark if they plan on going out Monday night.

"We actually think the busiest nights were Friday and Saturday so it remains to be seen what kind of night we'll have tonight," Carlisle said.

Although many students did most of their partying over the weekend, some students will keep the celebration going through Monday.

Leung expects students will be out celebrating again Monday night if they aren't too busy with their assignments. "Why not, if people are still in party mode?" he said.

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