With a greater emphasis on incorporating live elements into our remaining broadcasts, I was already contemplating possible live shot ideas Tuesday night. I saw, courtesy of Paolo Uggetti, that there was going to be a welcome home dinner for the Rio Olympians, as well as the Paralympians, in Los Angeles. Yet before we even got to the meeting on Wednesday, we saw the news about Donald Trump's star getting defaced in Hollywood, so our attention went there.

Kristen Lago was gracious enough to do the live shot and having worked with her for a while, we trusted her ability to deliver a great live shot. What was so cool about Kristen's work on Wednesday was that she edited video that would play while she was live. So, she knew exactly what video to talk to and I think it showed. I'm also glad we reached out and got exclusive video from Deadline Hollywood of the vandal hitting the star with a sledgehammer. Incorporating that into our live shot was really cool to see.

Kristen did a great job of not just talking to video but of also referencing the scene around her and really telling the full story. She explained what was happening at the scene, laid out the facts of the incident, and updated viewers on the latest from LAPD. We did a great job of cuing her when to come on live from the toss that came at the top of the show. Unfortunately, our cue for her to come back on camera after a sound bite was a bit delayed. That's definitely something we can all work on and get better at.

I'm wondering, though, in hindsight if I should have brought up my live shot idea even though we looked set for the Trump story. I don't know if we would have had the bodies for it, but looking back I probably should have at least brought it up.

Hearing David McAlpine, an Annenberg alum now producing in Philadelphia, talk about how many times his team goes live in a 30-minute show definitely reinforced the significance of incorporating our own live shots or live guests. It adds another dimension to our show.

I think the key is definitely to start thinking the night before, even for the video and graphics producers. That way we aren't just starting from scratch or waiting for a big story like the Trump star getting vandalized. I look forward to what live ideas we come up with over the last few weeks.