With midterm goals and five live shows under our belts, we have officially hit the midway point of our semester in the newsroom. Week by week, we've gotten closer as teams for our days of air and I've noticed everyone improving, even if it's just little by little. Since we are now substantially better about taking care of the little things, like checking for CGs, locators, runs and TRTs, for the second half of the semester I'd like to improve on the big picture.

For me, the big picture starts with our audience. It definitely took about half the semester to get used to our responsibilities and team makeup, but now there should be a heavier emphasis on what specifically should be covered on Annenberg TV News and See It Live. While we want to cover the most important news in Los Angeles, California and the world, it has to be appropriate and be tailored to our viewers. I think I often was focusing too much on news in general without thinking of our audience as a sort of filter.

Our stories need to be tailored to our student audience or at the very least written and produced with them in mind. Our ATVN Wednesday show last week had its challenges, but in hindsight it ultimately read too much like a local Los Angeles newscast. We covered newsworthy events like Derrick Rose's trial and the Palm Springs shootings, but it needed tinkering more toward our base viewers. That starts the night before and in our morning news meetings. Even if it's a light news day I want to build on thinking outside the box for stories and angles that not only engage our audience but that are of interest to them.

With that in mind from last week, I primarily wanted See It Live this week to be a show really focused on appealing to our university. Between Grace, Abby and me, we decided to tackle the upcoming propositions on the California ballot. I think the show turned out incredibly well. We tackled many of the propositions by finding ways they could relate to students and teach them something new. I also think we did a great job of having variety in our storytelling of the different propositions. From a live shot at a pot shop and a video scribe on the death penalty, to a reporter package on plastic bags and a live guest Q&A, See It Live kept it fresh this week. I loved the variation we had and hope to bring that to the rest of our shows, especially ATVN.

I think it takes a few weeks to bring together not only your role but also what you want your show to be. What our show should be is engaging, relevant to our demographic, and creative. I don't see why, after the progress we've made in the first half of the semester, we won't continue to improve on all three of those areas and more.