A re-imagining of the Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Laverne Cox will be broadcast Thursday night on FOX.

The rock music comedy was originally written for the stage in 1973 before becoming a cult classic film in 1975. The movie is often shown in theatres in conjunction with a "shadow" performance involving actors who sing, dance and perform to enhance the experience.

Some of the students at the Cinematic Arts School of the University of Southern California are very excited about the revival of the Rocky Horror, as it constituted an important part of their teenager years.

"For me, Rocky Horror was a coming of age movie," Eugene Noone, a student at the USC Cinematic Arts School, said."I watched it from when I was a young teenager and it gave me a strong sense of identity and got me excited about theater and film."

While some students were happy about the casting choices, Noone worried that some of the actors will not be as legendary as the ones in the 1975 musical.

"I am most concerned about casting because Tim Curry is iconic," said Noone. "I think whoever does it needs to create their own rules and make a totally new character that new audiences can get excited about".

Nate Calun, another Cinematic Arts student, was pleased by the diversity of the casting, which includes Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank N Furter.

"I think in terms of diversity, casting Laverne Cox in it is amazing not only because she is a black woman, but because she is also a transvestite," Calun said. "I think putting her on the show is a phenomenal step in the right direction."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 8:00 pm ET.

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