It has been 32 years since the Olympics were held in Los Angeles and there are still traces of those games sprinkled throughout the community.

However, right on USC's campus there is a dining option that was built specifically for athletes during the 1984 Olympics-it's called Café 84.

The café has been able to reinvent itself throughout the years and remain a relevant dining option for students and faculty on campus.

In 2013, Café 84 became a residential dining hall for meal plan participants. With the change of Café 84 from a food court to a dining hall came a new design aspect as well. The café became accessible through the King Hall facility offering meal plan participants more food for their money, according to the Daily Trojan.

"It just looks cooler. There's a cool vibe to it," said senior film and television production major Aaron Ashby.

Café 84 updated its menu during the fall of 2015 in order to accommodate requests for healthier food options, according to USC's hospitality website. The healthy selections are made from locally sourced whole foods and simple ingredients.

"They provide the healthiest options in my opinion, the presentation is nicer, the lightning, I guess the ambiance, just looks more edible more appetizing, I heard that it's supposed to like mimic the Whole Foods vibe," said business administration major Kiana Montelongo.

Chef Nate Martinez is in charge of the café that offers six different stations, Expo, Between Bread, Chef's Table, Soup and Salad, LSO and Trojan Treats, in order to meet students' dietary needs.

Los Angeles is bidding to have the 2024 Summer Olympics come back to the city for a third time. Café 84, may once again be able to provide Olympians the possibility to refuel their bodies-this time with more healthier options on the menu.