In a first for the illustrious prize, Bob Dylan has become the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The choice, noted by some as the most radical pick in the history of the Nobel Prize, has brought new light to the debate of whether or not song lyrics are considered literature. In their reasoning, the Swedish Academy defended their decision, noting that Dylan's work "created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."

Dylan, 75, adds this prestigious award to his already vast collection. He has received an Academy Award, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, a Pulitzer Prize and a Presidential Medal of Freedom over his 50-year career, but the accolades of his colleagues and his fans speak far more to the influence he has had on the music industry.

From Where We Are host Ian Hurley discusses the award in the context of his career with USC Professor Eric Trules, and Allison Wolfe divulges her own experience with his music.

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