It becomes apparent pretty quickly how important it is for all three producers to come up with stories and pitches. As I learned this week, sometimes the morning meetings don't add much to your rundown. So to see David, Ashley and I pitch constantly throughout the meeting, and then see some ideas make it on air was not just great but necessary for a light Wednesday.

My two main package pitches this week were on Proposition 67 and Yom Kippur, and both made it on air. Tommy Brooksbank hopped on my Prop 67 story and did a great job covering two events at UCLA and USC. I'm realizing more and more that the better my pitches are by the time of our meeting the likelier they are to end up on the broadcast. It was cool to see Tommy take the UCLA story at 8:30am, zip over to Westwood, shoot stuff here and be done by 6 o'clock.

For my other story on Yom Kippur, I wanted to make sure that we explained the holiday and got a personal story about what makes it special. It was difficult because most students and members of the faith were in services, and we were light staff wise in the media center, but we were able to record video inside Hillel and get sound from a speaker. Still, I think we definitely could have gotten more interviews from students to enhance it even more.

Coming up with strong and interesting packages/stories is definitely really challenging and something that's still tough to do even in the eighth week. I'm definitely getting better at navigating many different sources and sites for stories, which helps. This is even more difficult I think for See It Live. Having to find that one theme you can stick a whole show behind, and one with a late night element for when we go live at 6 o'clock takes a lot of thought, but also makes it all the more rewarding to see it come together.