Episode three of "This Is Us" has many promising turns and revelations. The previous episodes draw attention to unexpected connections between the seemingly self-standing stories. Viewers travel between the past and present times to explore the interdependence between characters. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) appear to be parents for the Big Three triplets, whose 30-something lives are shown in the present.

Viewer's excitement about the background for present time is soaring, as the new episode elaborates on Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) adoption, exposing the secret connection between William (Ron Cephas Jones) and Rebecca, who meet each other days after the triplets were born. Rebecca noticed William standing across the hospital on the day she took the babies home. She showed up at his apartment to listen to his story and find a way to feel like a real mother. There's no doubt she'll have to deal with the consequences of asking William to stay away, and the truth will eventually come out, as Randall deserves to know his story – the story about his father falling in love with a woman in the bus and writing his own poetry for her.

This new big twist keeps the audience in the past, revealing parenting challenges, as Rebecca and Jack struggle with their baby's loss. Milo Ventimiglia dives deep in his performance, showing Jack's anxiety about his relationship with devastated Rebecca. Jack goes to the doctor alone to check the babies' health and ask for advice on how to soften tension with his wife. The doctor, who helped give birth to their twins, comes up with his wise advice to let Rebecca handle her fears by herself, while Jack can take a nap at his office. At the end, Jack and Rebecca are on their way to a peaceful future with the new name for their adopted baby. However, at present, Rebecca (as a grandma accompanied by Jack's friend Miguel (Jon Huertas)) leaves doubts about the budding finale for the couple. The episode has no answers on why Miguel calls Rebecca "honey" at Randall's house and what has happened to the relationship between Jack and Rebecca – in order to strike the right balance and keep the audience interested.

The flow of new twists reaches Kevin (Justin Hartley), who expects his sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) to move with him to NYC and support his fresh start on Broadway. The twins seem to be inseparable as they move through their lives, step by step, keeping their bond too tight and missing the chance to chase real happiness. As Kevin realizes Kate is suffocated by their tie with no chance to explore her inner aspirations, he makes the decision to move to NYC on his own. The split frees Kate to start the promising romance with Toby (Chris Sullivan), who was showing persistence and support through the previous episodes.

In the meantime, Randall's biological father, William, is staying in the spotlight. In present time, Randall's house is still a shelter for William, who suffers from stomach cancer and makes an attempt to leave his son for the second time after Rebecca reminded him of their deal. However, when William's death proves to be inevitable, Randall realizes his determination to know as much as possible about his father. The final sequence shows him telling William that his kids should know their grandfather. There's a tough choice for William to be made: whether to follow the deal with Rebecca or tell Randall the real story about his name, which Rebecca picked from William's book with his favourite poetry.

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