In an unusual move, the LAPD has publicly released footage of a foot pursuit that ended in the death of Carnell Snell, Jr. taken by security cameras on a nearby business. The footage was released hours before an LAPD commission meeting that was attended by a vocal crowd of protesters.

During the meeting, Police Chief Charlie Beck defended the shooting as justified, based on evidence of Snell wielding a gun in the video, but emphasized the need for transparency within the LAPD.

"I think that there is significant misinformation that has been put out about both the shootings this weekend," Beck said. "And I think it is important that we put for the information to clarify so that people can put these events– tragic as they are– into perspective."

But the choice to release the footage from this particular incident surprised some in attendance.

"Those videos that were released didn't show or tell the full story those videos basically told the narrative that the LAPD wanted to put out," said Eddie Howard, of the Los Angeles Community Action Network. "There are so many videos out there that they haven't released and our question is why not."

Snell's shooting was one of two police-related shootings that took place this past weekend, and the LAPD has not commented on whether they will release the video taken by body cameras during the second incident.

He further touted civilian oversight as the strength of the LAPD commission, but expressed his disappointment that some community voices could not be heard.

"Often times robust discussions about incidents that are important to the city of Los Angeles and important things like the development of a policy that will delineate when and where we released videos," he said. "Those things get stymied because of meetings being closed."

While the commission meeting was open to the public, it was ultimately adjourned early due to multiple disruptions, the second time in two days that an LAPD event has been shut down due to interruptions.

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