At the peak of a grassy hill overlooking North Verdugo Road sits Desmond Conner, a 20-year-old student at Glendale Community College. The air is hot and muggy as he watches cars drive by.

"I'm not too interested in politics," Conner says.

Still, he had plenty to say when pressed on who he's planning to vote for.

"I'll probably vote for Hillary," Conner says. "I voted for Bernie before that. I don't know too many of their policies, but when you hear Donald Trump talk — he's not too much of a likable person."

Likability is what matters most to Conner. He says this factor above all influences his vote. He doesn't study the candidates' policies, but he does pay attention to how they present themselves and how they connect with people.

"I think people's problems with Hillary is the impression that Bill Clinton gave them. They have a hard time relating to Hillary because she looks like a lot of people's mothers," Conner says. "The hot sauce thing — that was a bit of a double standard I thought."

Conner is referring to an interview in which Clinton admitted to carrying Ninja Squirrel hot sauce in her purse.

"A lot of people didn't think that she actually liked hot sauce and that she didn't carry it around with her. They thought she said that to appeal to African-American voters," Conner says. "Everybody likes hot sauce so I think that's a little bit of a double standard."

While some voters like to pick apart what candidates will do when they are in office, Conner picks apart what the public thinks of them.

He says he's not concerned about the issue of immigration, but does think that "building the wall is a waste of money." He says the issue gets too much attention.

Conner says he simply lost interest in the election after Bernie Sanders did not receive the Democratic nomination.

"Bernie had looser policies on a lot of things that I think were important, like marijuana for example, and it did kind of attract me to him," Conner says. "A lot of people say that Hillary changes her mind on policies a lot and that it makes her look bad. So I liked Bernie better because he had consistent viewpoints."

Conner is a history enthusiast and wants to create dioramas for museums that focus on Asian history.

"I'm less interested in American history," he says.