For Humberto Rodriguez, America will lose in many ways if Donald Trump wins in November.

Rodriguez, a resident of Bell, first moved to the U.S. from Mexico 25 years ago. Now that he has obtained citizenship, he wants the government to reflect the same values he came to America for.

"I came here looking for a better place for work and for security," he says.

Rodriguez has always voted democrat. In the California primary, he supported Bernie Sanders and was extremely disappointed when the Vermont senator ended his campaign. Like many Democrats, he says he will now vote for Hillary Clinton, whom he describes as well-prepared for the presidency.

Rodriguez says Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric makes him worried for his family and his community.

"He's trying to divide America," Rodriguez says. "I don't like his position on Muslims, Latinos and black people."

Rodriguez thinks people all over the world will make fun of America if Trump is elected. He finds Trump's slogan, "Let's Make America Great Again," completely misleading.

"There are good and bad people in every race and religion," Rodriguez says. "That doesn't mean the entire community should be blamed."

He sees obstacles that Clinton must overcome to win. Rodriguez says some voters don't respect her because she's a woman. He's baffled that someone would equate a person's gender to their preparedness or capability to lead a country. He says Clinton's use of a private email server to share classified information is also a disadvantage.

In all, Rodriguez says Clinton most closely matches his ideological vision for America. He says she will help unite the multicultural country where he loves living.