USC Annenberg Media has compiled a map of more than 60 reported crimes in and around the USC campus in the month of September. With boundaries of Normandie Street to the West, Adams Street to the North, Broadway to the East and West Vernon Street to the South, the study generated a comprehensive look at campus crime.

With data from both LAPD and USC Department of Public Safety crime logs, the map shows where major incidents, like robbery, vehicle theft, alcohol transports, assaults, sexual assaults and suspicious circumstances happened. We omitted petty crime, like vandalism or theft.

Although there were two homicides in the area in the past month, they occurred just outside the boundaries used, and have not been included in this map.

Although not included in the study, the most common crime was bicycle theft. There were 117 cases in the last month, and it was most prevalent in residential areas.

Over the course of the month, there were eight robberies and seven burglaries. Ten students or party guests were transported to the hospital for alcohol-related incidents. There was one reported sex offense and one case of obscene activity, in which two students were reported to USC Judicial Affairs for indecent exposure. There were 11 incidents of assault and six "suspicious circumstances."

This map is part of our ongoing coverage of crime around USC. Check back weekly for updates.