Fall officially began four days ago, but on Monday, temperatures in the USC area continue to rise, reaching a high of 103 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

During this heat wave, students are trying to keep cool, but it is difficult for those who live in student housing without air conditioning. Some try to make their spaces more comfortable by using fans.

"We have three fans. Two big ones and one mini one. But it doesn't help too much," Birnkrant resident Madelyn Douglas said. "But you get used to it, for the most part."

Students swarmed into Leavey Library in between classes to escape the heat. Some even decided to study for longer than usual just to stay in the air conditioned building.

Elisha Sameyah said, "I would definitely come to the library to hang out just because it's cool. The AC is much appreciated and it would be a good place to get some work done."

Nonetheless, the triple-digit temperature was not enough to stop organizations from hosting outdoor events, though it did raise some concerns.

Evelyn Douglas, who was hosting a Hillel bagel function said, "we have a lot of cream cheese, even pumpkin spice because it's officially fall. But I'm very worried it's going to melt because of how hot it is."

Others were unbothered by the sweltering heat. "I don't care. I'm from a really hot country, Venezuela, so I'm kind of used to it," master's student David Rodriguez said.

Temperatures are expected to fall about 20 degrees by the end of the week. On Saturday, the high is predicted to be 79 degrees.

Correction: A previous version of this story repeated an unverified rumor. Our reporters are working to verify the claim and the story will be updated soon.