Mayor Eric Garcetti helped celebrate the 1,500th sale of a Metro U-Pass to CSUN students on Monday at the Northridge campus. The mayor was joined by the Los Angeles County Metro Board Chair, the CSUN president and students who attested to the success of the U-Pass and importance of public transportation within the college community.

The Metro U-Pass, or Universal College Student Transit Pass, is a reduced-fair transit program that offers college students unlimited Metro rides at a discounted rate.

The program, launched in the fall of 2016, is aimed at making the Metro more accessible for college students, and is offered at six Los Angeles County schools. USC is not one of them.

Though USC does not offer students the discounted U-Pass though there are several other modes of university-supplied transportation available. Some USC students say that, if the university offered U-Pass, they would change their transportation habits. Others, however, are content with what USC offers now.

"I'd like to use the Metro more but so many of my friends use Uber and Lyft that it's easier and cheaper to just Uber with friends and split the cost," says sophomore Tia Dalupan-Wong.

Uber is one of several transportation methods offered at USC. In addition, USC provides Campus Cruiser and bus programs that run throughout the University park neighborhood. For students who commute to campus or intend to travel outside USC boundaries, USC offers partnerships with Metro, Metrolink, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and a student carpool service.

USC sophomore Christina Braa relies on these transportation methods for long-distance trips. "I typically use the Metro anytime I'm going outside the USC area. It's cheaper, easier, you don't have to pay for parking, and it's actually faster if there's a lot of traffic," she says. "Also, public transportation is way better for the environment."