Louie Palomino was born and raised in the City of Commerce and will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November.

In Palomino's eyes, Trump is a wild card, who is racist, unreliable and certainly unfit to run a country.

"Hillary has been in politics for many years, and she knows what she's doing," he says. "He has no plan for us. At least with Hillary, we know what we're getting, but with Trump, we don't know what he's giving us."

Palomino lost any faith in Trump as a businessman since he couldn't pay off his own debt.

Having worked as a salesperson for decades, Palomino identifies himself as an average middle-class voter. Palomino hopes that Hillary will make the upper class pay more taxes to alleviate the burden from the middle class.

"It doesn't matter what the upper class think," he says. "They have to pay their share."

Palomino believes the upper class tend to hide behind their companies and play dirty games to avoid taxation. He supports Clinton's advocacy of equal rights for all.

"It's what gets us together," he says, dismissing Trump's racist comments.

From Palomino's perspective, Clinton's ideas on making higher education affordable will bring hope to the nation, the way Barack Obama revived the economy and established Obamacare.

Palomino is in his 50s, happily married with no children. He pays close attention to the educational system. In his opinion, government officials need to go from district-to-district to make sure teachers are getting paid and to ensure class sizes, especially in elementary school, are not too big.

"For some reason, we're worried about our own money and our own future, but not the future that's coming after us," Palomino says.

Even though Palomino sees what some call Clinton's shady side when it comes to politics, he does not believe it should keep her from becoming president. After all, presidents do not make policy decisions alone.

"There are many people who help with policy-making," he says.

Palomino supports Obama and how he saved America from the "useless Bushes." He wants to see Clinton build on Obama's success.