Cal State Los Angeles celebrated the opening of its new Downtown Los Angeles campus today. Cal State L.A. Downtown had a soft opening in January 2016.

The 23,000 square foot campus is located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and 8th Street in Downtown's Financial District. It features computer labs, 12 classrooms and a community event space.

Cal State LA offers degree completion programs in liberal studies, psychology and business administration. The campus will launch a master's degree program in business administration in February 2017.

"It's a real convenient option for [students] because they can step in here after working in Downtown Los Angeles or elsewhere, and they don't have to commute and worry about traffic," said Eric Bullard, dean of the College of Professional and Global Education at Cal State L.A.

Bullard also said that the point of the campus is to serve working professionals who probably would not commute east to Cal State L.A.'s main campus. The campus is a block away from the 7th Street/ Metro Center station, making it accessible to students, but the new location isn't only for convenience.

"It matters to the students in the sense that…it gives them an opportunity to be embedded with local area businesses, governments and non-profits. We're seeing really good interests in those entities to link up with us here," said Bullard.

The new campus currently serves 200 students in degree programs, and 100 students in non-degree programs like civic university.

The campus is located at 801 South Grand Avenue.

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